Model 1815-301 Single Gang

Proximity Card Readers

DoorKing offers the following proximity card reader products:  DK Prox, HID and AWID proximity card readers, all of which are compatible with the 1830 Series access controllers. All readers feature a cosmetically appealing design that will blend with any architectural design and offer high durability and reliability.

AVI (or Automated Vehicle ID) systems operate in the same manner as proximity card systems, but with longer ranges. A typical AVI system places a tag on the vehicle, rather than having the user carry it. In this manner, a gate system will open automatically as the vehicle approaches with a properly credentialed tag. This provides convenience and is ideal in applications where only authorized vehicles are allowed entry.





Arm Options

Arm Type
Max. Arm
Length (Ft.)
Folding Option
2.5x2.5 in. Square
.75x.75 in.
3 in.

Foam Padding available for Aluminium / Wood

Access Control Systems



Single Family Intercom System
#1 Selling Telephone Entry

The model 1812 is a unique telephone intercom system that allows homeowners to use their telephone as an intercom to speak to a guest at a front door or gate without the necessity to pay for an additional telephone line at their home. With its "intercom mode" programming feature, the 1812 can also be connected to a PBX or KSU type system, making it ideal for small businesses to control access through a single door or gate. Visitors are easily identified by voice communication and can be granted or denied access directly from a touch-tone telephone. The 1812 is available in surface, wall and flush mount designs.

                           1812 Classic Surface Mount.                                                                        1812 Classic Wall Mount

                           1812 Classic Flush Mount


Big characters half inch LCD display
Stainless steel plate and anti-vandal features protects all internal parts
Pc programmable easy to use Remote Account Manager software included with system
Large scroll and call buttons

The Model 1834 is an ideal telephone entry system suited for apartment and gated community applications as well as office buildings and industrial sites that have a separate access control system, or require telephone entry only.  The single-line LCD display features big 1/2-inch characters for easy viewing and your personalized message scrolls across the screen from right to left when the system is not in use.  Our unique "One Touch" CALL button and big A and Z scroll buttons makes this system one of the easiest to use on the market today!  For additional security, the 1834 allows you to monitor activity AS IT HAPPENS on your computer display.

               1834 Surface Mount. P/N 1834-080                                                            1834 Flush Mount. P/N 1834-084

               1834 Wall Mount. P/N 1834-089



Model 1815-300 Mullion

Access Cards

1500 Digital Keypads

- For stand-alone applications or for connection to an access controller
- Keypad User's enter their 4-5 digit unique PIN (personal identification number) to gain entry
- Intercom model 1504 combines the keypad with an intercom substation that can be used with some existing intercom systems

The DKS 1500 series family of keypads provides access control for virtually any application where digital code entry is desired and they are available for stand-alone applications or for connection to an access controller. These vandal resistant keypads (except 1509) use stainless steel faceplates, galvanized steel sub-plates and are housed in a rugged steel cabinet. The 1503 and 1506 series keypads are available in surface or flush mount styles. The 1509 is designed for indoor applications and mounts in a single-gang electrical box. The 1504 model adds an intercom substation to the 1503 or 1506 series allowing voice communication via connection to a master intercom station. Lighted keypad models available for easy night time operation.

1520/1524 Stand Alone Card Readers

1520 Single Door Controller Deluxe
- Available as a stand-alone card access system or as a wiegand controller (add your own 26-bit wiegand device)
- Internal keypad for easy programming
- Stores up to 1000 card codes, 10 facility codes, 3600 event transaction buffer
- Four time zones, print menu, real-time print mode
1524 Single Door Card Reader
- Stores up to 1000 card codes
- Program with a hand held programmer or programming cards
- Add / delete single card codes or a block of card codes
- Available as a mullion mount or with an outdoor enclosure

The model 1520 provides users with a full feature single door stand-alone access control system. The 1520 is available with a built-in proximity card reader (DK Prox, AWID or HID) or can be ordered as a single door controller allowing the user to add their own 26-bit access control device.

The 1524 is available only with a DK Prox card reader. Contact your professional DKS system installer for more information about this and other DKS products.

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Model 1815-302 Small

1838 Access Controller

Anti-pass back programmable true anti-pass back for complete control into and out of secured areas
Pc programmable easy to use remote account manager software included with system
Flexible system provides access control via proximity cards, MicroPLUS™ transmitters and pin codes
THE MODEL 1838 multi-door access controller is ideal for small businesses, office buildings, factories, industrial sites, apartment complexes, or for any application that requires access control and reporting capabilities. The 1838 is a 2-door controller that easily expands to control up to 16 doors. This flexible system allows you to control access by means of encoded cards, five digit PINs (Personal Identification Number), wireless RF control, or with almost any 26-bit weigand devices. Additionally, our elevator control module restricts which floors system users have access to, making it an ideal system for high rise buildings. For additional security, the 1838 allows you to monitor activity AS IT HAPPENS on your computer display and with our anti-pass back memory, you can enable a TRUE anti-pass back system in one of three different configurations; passive, active and trap.
With a 3000 user capacity, 8000 card code capacity and 8000 event history buffer, 31 security levels, elevator control and more, the 1838 out performs other controllers in its class.

Model 330 Enclosure Assembly