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R&S Erection of Santa Clara County, Inc.

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High Impact Doors

R&S proudly furnishes and installs Eliason products for high traffic and impact areas. Applications include:

  • Industrial Doors
  • Supermarket Doors
  • Food Processing Doors
  • Restaurant Doors
  • Retails




Eliason Easy Swing® Hinge Doors 

Eliason pioneered and patented the Easy Swing Hinge thirty-five years ago and it is still the most respected and reliable double acting door hinge available today.  It takes about half as much time to install an Easy Swing Hinge as a typical V-Cam hinge and that is only the beginning.  Traffic doors mounted on Eliason Easy Swing Hinges open more easily (takes less than five pounds of pressure to open, making them ADA compliant), operate more smoothly and require less maintenance than doors supplied with any other hinge.  Our Easy Swing Hinges are so reliable that they are guaranteed for the life of your Eliason door.  When you have a choice, choose Easy Swing by Eliason.



SCP Series