Manually Release Liftmaster SL3000 Video

In this video, Noel explains the process of manually releasing a LiftMaster SL3000 gate operator.



00:00 [Music plays over scenes of R&S employees performing various tasks.]

00:08 Hello, my name is Noel, with R&S Overhead Garage Door.

00:11 Today, I'm gonna go over the steps on how to manual release a LiftMaster SL3000.

00:17 Again, these are steps for a LiftMaster SL3000. If you have another operator, please refer to your owner's manual for their instructions.

00:25 In our case, the power went out and our gate is stuck halfway.

00:29 We're gonna show you how to manual reelease the SL3000 to get your gate back in a full open position.

00:35 A couple of steps. Step one: we're gonna open the lid to expose our manual release pull handle.

00:42 Pull and engage. This is gonna disengage a gear inside of the operator.

00:50 We should now be able to grab our automatic gate. Slide it open.

00:59 We're in a full open position. Leave the gate on a manual mode.

01:04 Call a professional company, like ours - R&S Overhead Garage Door - to take a look at the rest.

01:10 [R&S logo displays on a white background. No sound.]

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