Manually Release Automatic Gate Operator Video

In this video, Scott explains the process of manually releasing an LA 500 gate operator.



00:00 [Music plays over scenes of R&S employees performing various tasks.]

00:08 Hi, my name is Scott Trask, and I work for R&S Overhead Garage Doors, and today I'm going to show you how to manual release your LA 500 gate operator.

00:15 If your remotes are not working or you're having trouble exiting your property, if you locate your keys that came with the gate operator and you insert the key into the cylinder.

00:25 Rotate 180 degrees and also rotate the manual release lever 180 degrees.

00:32 Now that your gate is in manual, you can push the gate open.

00:40 Once you get the gate open, it's always best to re-engage and re-lock so the gate can't close.

00:48 This has been a demonstration on how to manually release your LA 500 gate operator.

00:52 For further troubleshooting, please call R&S.

01:10 [R&S logo displays on a white background. No sound.]

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