Automatic Gate Stuck Open Video

In this video, Sid demonstrates how to realign the photo sensor on an automatic gate.



00:00 [Music plays over scenes of R&S employees performing various tasks.]

00:08 Hi, I'm Sid, with R&S in the gate division.

00:11 Some of our common problems that a customer might come across is your gate being stuck open.

00:15 Sometimes, this can be something as simple as just your photo eye that's not in alignment.

00:19 With this one, we're going to use the LA 500 to demonstrate and show you the difference in the color change.

00:24 Right now, when I hit my remote to close the date, there's a red indicator light showing that we have an obstruction.

00:32 If we look over at our beam, we can see that there is no obstruction.

00:37 So, one of the minor adjustments we could potentially do is realign it, and now we have a blue indicator light.

00:43 When we hit our remote again, now we have our gate closing.

00:49 In closing, this was a demonstration of doing it yourself and saving a service call.

00:53 [R&S logo displays on a white background. No sound.]

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